Why I started Feng Shui


Hello, thank you for coming to Misty Interior Feng Shui!

I will try write about Feng Shui, Foods, life …sometimes in here.

First, Why I started Feng Shui… 7 years ago, we sold our house in London and moved to rented house. And so many things started happened, my family’s health, injured…., and my meditation class’s teacher recommended “Feng Shui”, that was my journey began. I never interested Feng Shui before but I found it is we were already using this skills which we haven’t realised.

So how about buy very basic book about Feng Shui and try some?

And see how you feel, see something change? even very small things.

If you have noticed some small change, please let me know!

I would love to hear your story.

In Feng Shui, House is just like our body, Feng Shui makes Qi, Energy’s circulation better. Feng Shui is not everything but it help and support you.

So this is how my Feng Shui journey started and still going.

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love and good Qi, energy,

Kozue xx